All New for 2013! Available in February.

Jerry Bickel Race Cars has teamed up with ETC to create the only Pro Race Car Construction books on the planet!

400 total pages of detailed info! Every page in both books is loaded with photos and illustrations, explaining every detail of Pro Race Car Construction. YOU are the fly on the wall as we build a carbon fiber bodied 2013 Camaro from start to finish, using techniques developed from over 30 years of race car fabrication. Everything we do in these books is exactly how we build them every day. Nothing is held back. This is the ONLY comprehensive guide to Pro race car construction on the planet!

Volume 1 - Tube Chassis Fabrication $79.95
Volume 2 - Body & Interior $99.95
Save $$$ and buy both books together - 2 book combo $149.95

Volume 1 includes detailed instructions showing how to design and fabricate a Pro Chassis and mount all components. 144 pages with 327 photos and illustrations

Volume 2 shows you how to take the tube chassis that we built in Volume 1 and mount a carbon fiber body, complete with hood scoop, doors, windows, interior panels, wheel tubs, tunnel and trunk. 256 pages with 859 photos and illustrations.

Topics covered in Volume 1 include:

  • Building the Floor
  • Body Fitting
  • 4-Link Brackets and Cage
  • Rear Section
  • Front Section
  • Upper Frame Rails & Mid Plate
  • Finishing Touches

Topics covered in Volume 2 include:

  • Floor Panels
  • Interior Panels and Mounts
  • Steering & Body Placement
  • Hanging the Doors
  • Rear Body & Mounts
  • Installing the Windshield
  • Installing the Front End
  • Rear Section Details
  • Front Section Details
  • Installing the Windows
  • Installing the Tunnel
  • Installing Carbon Fiber Wheel Tubs
  • Body Removal and Details
  • Brake & Fire Lines
  • Glass-in Body & Install Trunk
  • Fit the Hood Scoop

For Volume 1, we started with an empty chassis table, then built the floor up tube by tube. Then, we fitted the body in place so we could determine where to position the main hoop, window bars, eyebrow bar and dash bar. With those bars in place, we removed the body and continued the build, adding the strut bars, door bars, 4-Link brackets and the rest of the roll cage. We completed the rear section, including sway bar mounts and shock mounts, all the way to the rear crossbar just inside the rear bumper. We fitted such details as the steering rack and control arm mounts, the seat and various tabs and brackets. The finished tube chassis was then ready for the body and interior. Here's the chassis that's nearly complete:


For Volume 2, we started with the tube chassis that we built in Volume 1. We built a complete interior, including floors, firewall, transmission tunnel and dashboard. We positioned the steering wheel, and placed the body on the chassis. We then mounted the doors, door handles and latches. We installed the windshield. Here's a front picture of the car that's nearly complete except for the hood scoop.